Plus972 | What are key differences in marketing loose stones vs. the finished product?
Plus972 is a New York based branding and marketing agency with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, specialized in developing perfomance driven marketing solutions for the luxury industry.
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07 Jan What are key differences in marketing loose stones vs. the finished product?

Traditionally, loose stones are marketed to jewelry industry professionals and finished product is marketed to the consumer. When marketing loose stones, the facts matter; the prospective customer is seeking a particular cut, color, carat weight, and clarity. When marketing a finished product, branding matters. A prospective customer is seeking a total experience; images with a connotation of luxury and romance are commonplace in this field of marketing. Consistency in a brands message will set a brand apart from competitors and increase customer recognition.

Language and images that communicate what the brand stands for should be consistent across. There are consumers who are seeking loose stones to create a personally crafted piece or more common, for an engagement ring setting, but the average customer will choose from the stones pre-selected and presented to them by their jeweler.

Plus972 has helped multiple jewelry brands target the appropriate audience through an integrated marketing campaign that covers branding, ad design and selection of the channels through which to promote the brands message.

Whether your brand is looking for B2B strategies to market loose stones, or a marketing plan to gain exposure for a jewelry brand, Plus972 has the experience to guide your company to the next level.