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Plus972 is a New York based branding and marketing agency with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, specialized in developing perfomance driven marketing solutions for the luxury industry.
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Landing Pages to attract leads

14 Jan Landing Pages to attract leads

A landing page can be a valuable asset for your company to capture information about potential clients and others who might be in the market for your services.

A landing page should be uniquely designed to address a specific problem your product or service is addressing. The landing page should appear minimalistic without options to click over to other content.

The content should actually provide brief and insightful information about the problem your product or service addresses. Bullet-points listening how your company can provide value to the customer makes the information quick and easy to digest.

To convert web traffic into leads, a simple form at the end of the page can be used by the visitor to get in touch. Fields requesting only a minimum amount of information (first name and email address) creates the path of least effort for the lead to be generated. Avoid language that could be perceived as false promises or guarantees. Building trust and establishing credibility is the best path to acquiring new leads.

The confirmation page should thank the user for completing the form and provide a link to more information that they might find useful.

Plus972 designs custom landing pages to help businesses gather valuable data and acquire new leads. If you’re looking to get more value out of your website, Plus972 can help.