How does content marketing help you sell?

16 October 2019

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Content marketing isn’t just about writing blog posts—it’s more like a science. Well-crafted content can strategically and methodically move your customers through the sales funnel.

When customers first learn about your brand, they will have certain questions. As they move through the sales funnel from stage to stage, their questions will shift and change. When they first discover a brand, questions will be broader—like “What do they do?” or “What do they sell?” As they move through the sales funnel, their questions will get more and more specific, like “How does this help me solve a problem?” or “Where can I buy it?”

Content marketing serves to ensure that prospective customers can find the answers to those questions easily. Whether it’s served up in the form of a video, a newsletter, on social media, an event, or even an app, content marketing’s job it supply those answers. Optimizing your content for search engines and bolstering your SEO can also help you make sure that prospects can find answers to their questions, exactly when they need them.

The more prospective customers learn about your brand or your product, and the more they understand how it helps them, the more likely they are to buy.At its heart, content marketing is about education. You must educate your customers about your product, about your company, and about its story.

You need to inform, but also excite them. Content needs to be compelling and interesting—but at the end of the day it’s about addressing those unanswered questions. Sometimes you can be creative, or sometimes more direct. The actual execution varies, but the intent is always the same. It’s about being informative, persuasive, and helpful. That’s how great content marketing strategy and execution turns prospects into loyal customers.

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