How do you make a real estate website stand out?

23 October 2019

websites, strategy, real-estate

Approaching websites for real estate is completely different than for other types of business. To make a real estate site stand out, it’s about a combination of amazing photography and a dynamic experience. For any type of real estate, photography is what really brings the space to life online.

Besides showcasing the building itself, you can also feature the neighborhood, its architecture, and other aspects of the community. This will help to bring the building to life and give it context for prospective buyers.

From there, it’s about creating customized experiences for users based on their interaction with your site. You can use smart technology to collect prospects’ information, and turn them into leads. Then you can generate bookings with your sales team or your brokers to automate the whole process. That will increase your conversion rate, decrease your costs, and sell properties faster.

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