How do we build data-driven websites?

17 October 2019

websites, strategy, data

When we’re building websites, we take into consideration many aspects to deliver the best results. Analytics, heatmaps, user flows, and customer research all impacts how you build a site and why. It also helps you evaluate how well your site is doing and make improvements to impact performance.

The first step is understanding what data is important for you, which depends on your business objectives. If you have an eCommerce site, and you want to drive more traffic and increase your sales, that means you would want to measure your sales conversions. By understanding what is a measure of success for your business, you can understand where you need to improve your website.

You also need to understand where the people on your site are coming from. How they arrive on the page, like from a paid ad or from social media, all give clues about your audience.

This all gives us insight into the people who are visiting the site. By understanding who they are, their behavior, and what they’re looking for, we can give them the tools and information they need and help build the best site possible.

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