Plus972 | How can I target my existing customers for future jewelry sales?
Plus972 is a New York based branding and marketing agency with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, specialized in developing perfomance driven marketing solutions for the luxury industry.
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31 Dec How can I target my existing customers for future jewelry sales?

Tapping your existing customer base for future sales is a marketing strategy that shouldn’t be neglected. Existing customers are likely purchase again if they’ve been provided with a satisfactory experience. They are also the only group in the position to provide referrals, which can lead to new business.

When completing a sale, collect the customers mailing and e-mail address for future use. Once you have a substantial list in place, let the customer know about upcoming sales or new inventory. On holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, many people are looking to buy jewelry for a loved one. Each existing customer is a potential new sale, as are people in their network who they may share information with.

Plus972 has worked with jewelry brands to create e-mail marketing and direct mailing campaigns as part of a holistic integrated marketing solution. Plus972 works with the brand through each step of the marketing process, to ensure consistency in all areas of marketing, with strategic solutions to maximize return on investment.