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Plus972 is a New York based branding and marketing agency with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, specialized in developing perfomance driven marketing solutions for the luxury industry.
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E-mail marketing is required

14 Jan E-mail marketing is required

Why should you still consider e-mail marketing for your business?

Email marketing is one of the most effective means (both in terms of reach and cost) of staying in front of your clients and prospects. Effective use means having a focus on staying in touch, giving real information to people who requested it, and providing clients with important information regarding your company (product launch, product sales, etc). By giving your clients information that matters to them, they come to view you as a resource, not a nuisance or spammer who is always after making the sale. Contacts will trust your business, and will be more likely to make a referral to their friends and colleagues.

Overuse of email marketing, or the misuse of it, will backfire. Instead of clients feeling pleased or even excited about your offering, they will begin to despise the day that they gave you their email address and will unsubscribe from your annoying barrage of emails. This is not effective advertising.

In contrast, permission based email systems ensure that first, people on your list actually want to be there and second, they can remove themselves at anytime without a hassle. When a system like this is in use, people are more likely to offer you their email address to begin with.

E-mail marketing will keep your business on the top of users minds, which is likely to increase brand loyalty. The customer entrusted you with their e-mail address because they believed that your business could provide them value. Take care in ensuring you meet this clients needs by providing them with the value that they are looking for each and every time you enter their inbox.