Plus972 | Don’t Keep Making the Same Mistakes in 2015: Rethinking Marketing
Plus972 is a New York based branding and marketing agency with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, specialized in developing perfomance driven marketing solutions for the luxury industry.
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Don’t Keep Making the Same Mistakes in 2015: Rethinking Marketing

31 Dec Don’t Keep Making the Same Mistakes in 2015: Rethinking Marketing

Today the average consumer gets more annoyed from advertisements than interested. Further
agitation is caused by the increasingly intrusive nature of advertisements. Ads appear in every corner
of the Internet, television, street signs, radio, even cellphones, etc. In turn the persuasive influence is declining. Ads are merely becoming the colorful text boxes on the screen to be avoided or clicked upon accidentally.
As a business owner, recognizing this change in business-to-consumer relationship will help you avoid
making the same mistakes from 2014. The consumer will see right through a generic marketing
campaign, repeating everything they have already heard before about your product or service. The
best advertisements and marketing campaigns can be broken down into the following characteristics:

  • Honesty
  • Briefness
  • Simplicity
  • Memorability
  • Humor

Some of the most successful campaigns are based on honesty. The truth is powerful, and even more
so coming from an established corporation or professional entity. The more personable, relatable, and
genuine your company’s message is the more consumer will be charmed. One of the most effective
ways to convey the truth is through humor. The funniest commercials and posters are the ones reblogged,
shared on Facebook walls, e-mailed to co-workers etc.
The simplicity and briefness of your marketing campaign will ensure memorability. The challenge here
is breaking down your company and it’s services/products to the bare core. Industry experts best
perform this abstraction process but take a moment to try it alone. The easier you can explain your
company, the easier it is to invite the right target market for business.
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