About Popbar

Highly-acclaimed for its deliciously original, all natural, easy to eat, and customizable gelato on a stick, Popbar offers a wide variety of freshly made delights on site, providing every customer with a memorable experience. Since opening its flagship location in NYC’s West Village in 2010, the brand has achieved growth, popularity, and success as an international franchise.

Acclimating to International Markets

The challenge for every new franchise location is to appropriately reflect local trends, cultures, and tastes (such as flavors and toppings) while maintaining brand consistency. Plus972 was tasked with adapting Popbar’s brand identity to national and international markets, most notably Asia, where visual content required careful translation in order to meet the demands and conventionality of any new customer base.


Establishing Consistency for Franchising

Plus972 consulted on growth strategies and digitization, concentrating on designing various print deliverables and the redesigning of the website. Creating Popbar’s Brand Identity Guidelines was instrumental in establishing brand consistency, a complex yet vital prerequisite for franchising, especially when considering multicultural integration and harmonization.

Earning Significant Media Coverage

Plus972’s creative efforts led to brand consistency both online and offline. Popbar is now an International brand with multiple franchise locations, opening in 4 different countries and growing. The brand has attracted ongoing press and media coverage such as the New York Times, Vogue, Elle, Time Out and the Village Voice, as well as being featured on the Food Network’s Cooking Channel.


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